Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Young Girl Freed from possession by Rosary


Block Rosary prayer group from a particular church used to go around Singapore. They prayed for nine days. So when  I  was 17 years old, my parents invited the prayer group to my home. I notice there was a gold plated rosary around the hands of the statue of Mary. I was so curious and I ask the leader of the group if it was really gold plated.

She told me that a man who followed the prayer group had donated the rosary. His niece was possessed by an evil spirit. Someone tried to charm her father because of some jealousy in the business place. Unfortunately, the charm hit his daughter. She was possessed on Ash Wednesday.

The uncle decided to follow the prayer group and continuously prayed the rosary for his niece to be released from this possession. Exactly one year later, on ash Wednesday, the uncle witnessed the evil spirit leave his niece's bedroom. A dark, shadowy form moved out of the bedroom and left the house.

"Love the Madonna & pray the Rosary, for her Rosary is the weapon against evils of the world today" St Padre Pio

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