Saturday 22 July 2017

House protected by St Benedict Cross and Picture of St Michael

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Susan went to a restaurant  with her housemate Maria
(Maria has the gift of the third eye) to have lunch.
All was perfect , meal was great and Susan went to the
counter to make payment. At the counter, there was a black
small monkey- like statue.
While waiting for the cashier to hand over the bill, Susan kept staring at the statue, looking at it in detail as it was hard to look away from it. It was not a pretty statue as it looks like a well preserved mummified monkey. (According to Susan, the statue was never there before as she was a frequent customer.) Maria then came up to the counter and told Susan to look outside the restaurant. Bill was then paid and they left.

 In the car ride home, Susan asked Maria if she had seen what was placed on the counter. She said 'yes' and explained that it is 'alive and full of energy" and most likely placed there to bring business into the restaurant. Upon reaching home, Susan had a terrible headache and went to rest.  When Susan woke up, Maria told her that she heard strange sounds and went to check around the apartment.  She saw the creature pacing and making sounds at the front door. It made groaning and heaving-like sounds but was unable to enter the unit as there was a St. Michael picture and St Benedict cross on the front door. According to Maria, it seems to be there to ask a favor - to be released. But as Maria knows that it has a owner , she choose to ignore and went back to the bedroom. The sounds stooped shortly.

*** Spirits of creatures have been known to be captured and placed in items/ statues to make them 'work for the owners' for monetary gains or bad intentions.

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