Thursday 13 July 2017

Rescued from Black Magic

Years ago,a colleague named 'Ali ' ( not real name) at my previous work place was eager to take my position as work coach in a particular disabled sector. He planned to get rid of me so that he can take over my position. He went to several bomohs (witch doctor).

In the beginning, I fell ill with fever and I dreamt of Ali's face. Initially, I was not aware that Ali was involved in this evil plot. I went to work as usual and i spent  time reading the psalms after work. I heard a inner voice telling me to read the psalm 46  three  times.

When I went to work, a good friend (who is gifted to sense the supernatural world)  to informed me that Ali had been consulting bomohs ( witch doctors) This only confirm my suspicion because I had earlier  dreamt of a warning - kept seeing Ali's face. Then, I increase my praying of the psalms. The following weeks I notice Ali walking towards me. He kept avoiding eye contact and avoid to even walk near me. As if i was surrounded by invisible beings.

Psalms are used by Jews and Christians.  In the past, the Jews  used to open the book of Psalms in times of difficulty. Psalms are King David's poetic supplications and praises to God almighty.
I would highly recommend psalms 91 for protection. 

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