Sunday 1 October 2017

St Benedict medal protects Jack from being charmed by Thai woman

My ex -neighbor Mr. Jack, who temporary left the catholic faith, came back after the late Fr Fabian SS.CC did  a minor exorcism on his son who was possessed by three spirits. ( will share that story for another blog). we used to bump into each other and share some stories about the faith. On some occasions I will pass him a religious article or medal.

One day, after he returned from a business trip from Thailand, he was so excited to share his experience. he said he went to a masseur for massage because he had leg pain. after the massage, the Thai woman offered other services- sexual by nature. jack explained that he is a married man and did not wish to obtain another service. When he returned to his hotel, he heard a sound in his room from the metal cabinet. Heb opened it and saw the St Benedict medal. He felt his guardian angel could be reminding him to wear the medal so he immediately wore the medal around his neck.

After this, he looked out of the window and to his surprise, he saw the Thai girl who had massage him earlier was standing below his hotel building and chanting, she turned and walked away. He believes that the St Benedict medal saved him from being charmed.

He then said that whenever he saw me (in his mind he will say ,"oh here comes Jude with another medal")  This time he realize that the sacramental value of St Benedict's medal. While in Malaysia , he met lots of people who shared their experience of the St Benedict's medal, and how this blessed medal saved them from witchcraft.

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