Monday, 11 September 2017

Rosary- won battle of Lepanto & former satanic priest converts through Rosary

Blessed Bartolo Longo was born near Naples Italy, to a Catholic family that prayed the rosary. As a young man studying at the  University of Naples he became anti-Catholic. He became involved in spiritualism and become an ordained priest of Satan.

Bartolo's involvement in occult and spiritualism made him unhappy and he felt empty. He suffered from nightmares and from hallucinations. He went into severe depression. Seeking guidance , he turned to a Dominican priest who guided him to renounce occult.

He joined the Third Order Dominican. He felt he was still under the bondage of the devil and had a deep sense of hopelessness. There was one thing that drew him out of depression : calling to mind Mary's promise to St. Dominic that whoever promotes the rosary will be saved. He gave his entire life over to promotion of the rosary. The rosary became the sweet chain that bound him to Jesus and Mary, and broke the bondage of Satan.

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