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Confession is more powerful than an exorcism

Confession is more powerful 
than an exorcism

"Father Candido was exorcising a handsome young man who was possessed by a great beast of a demon. Trying to discourage the exorcist, the demon said:"Can't you see that you are wasting your time? This one never prays. He goes around with ... and does..."and there followed a long list of ugly sins. At the end of the exorcism, Father Candido fruitlessly tried to convince that young man to make a general confession. It was necessary almost to drag him into the confessional, where he hastened to say that he had no sins to confess. Then Father Candido asked,"But did you not do this and such?" Dumbfounded, the poor man was forced to admit his transgressions. As the confessor continued with the list of sins, the young man admitted every one of the facts revealed by the demon. After receiving absolution, the young man left, mumbling, "I don't understand anything anymore! These priest know everything!"

(story taken from the book 'An Exorcist Tells His Story'  Fr Gabriele Amorth )

"Confession is more powerful than an exorcism. One is a sacrament and the other is a blessing. One confession is worth 100 exorcisms.
The devil wants to destroy the soul and the soul is healed by confession.
If people want to decrease the work of Satan, they should increase the use of confession.
Once the confessional line gets thin, the activity of Satan increases. To decrease the work of Satan, increase the use of confession."

(Taken from Spiritual Warfare: Insights from Exorcists

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